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Night Shift Lateral Sleep Device - Bluetooth Version



Price: $455.00

The Night Shift is a patented, clinically-proven therapy for patients with positional obstructive sleep apnea (POSA) that can be worn around the neck. After allowing the user time to fall asleep in any position, it begins to gently vibrate when the user attempts to back-sleep. The vibration then gradually increases in intensity until the user changes position. Night Shift is an intelligent, interactive monitor that allows patients and clinicians to track sleep quality and therapeutic effectiveness via the Night Shift application on iOS & Android devices. Night Shift can also be combined with a wrist oximeter to screen for Positional OSA and/or assess the benefits of combination therapy.

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Features & Benefits

● Monitor how efficiently the user slept and the degree of sleep fragmentation

● Assess the association between loud snoring and sleep quality

● Determine if snoring and poor sleep quality is limited to back-sleeping

● Compare the effectiveness of other OSA or snoring therapies with and without position therapy

● Patients can fall asleep in any position

● a single charge can last for up to 3 nights

● lightweight



Product Feature

Data sheet
  • Supplier Reference - NS27-1005.LE

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