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Fisher & Paykel ICON+ Auto



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Combining the superior humidification that Fisher and Paykel is known for with a ThermoSmart heated tube and SensAwake technology the ICON+ is a simple device packing everything you need for CPAP therapy.                                                                                                                                                                        *Available for pick up in selected locations across Australia. Customers must bring in their old CPAP machine or prescription at time of appointment.

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The Fisher and Paykel ICON+ is a sleek cost efficient solution for sleep apnea. The long trusted model has stood the test of time as a reliable Positive Airway Pressure device for the end user.

- Auto and Premo options available
- SensAwake Pressure Relief Technology
- ThermoSmart Heated Hose
- Ease of use
- Ramp feature available
- Compact design

Auto and Premo Options
Fisher and Paykel have designed Auto and Premo versions of their devices so you only pay for what you need. The auto adjusting device delivers on demand pressure based on an in built algorithm which checks for apneas, hypopneas and other respiratory events you may have through the night. The delivery of pressure only when you need it makes it much easier to acclimate to therapy.
The Premo option is the fixed pressure device that delivers a continuous set pressure. Talk to our consultants about which device is best for you.

SensAwake Technology
Maintaining comfort when the patient is nearing wakefulness is vital for therapy compliance and efficiency. SensAwake is a unique Fisher and Paykel technology that monitors the breathing pattern of user to identify wakefulness. If detected, the device lowers the pressure allowing you to fall back asleep without an interruption. The SensAwake technology is available on both the Auto and Premo models

Ease of use
The default simple mode menu for the ICON makes accessing your comfort settings and user information a breeze. Adjust your ramp, humidity and access sleep data without a trip to your therapy consultants

Ramp Feature
The ramp feature adjusts itself to a third of your prescribed pressure and its very easy to turn on. Simply hold the front button down for 3 seconds once you turn your device on and acclimating to therapy wont be the chore that it used to be. The ramp feature will start at a lower setting and slowly increase to your prescribed therapy pressure over 20 minutes.

Purchasing the device includes
- In built heated humidifier and water chamber
- Thermosmart heated tubing
- Power cord
- 2 disposable filters 



Product Feature

Data sheet
  • Supplier Reference - ICONAAA

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