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Philips DreamStation Auto with Humidifier



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The DreamStation Pro CPAP device is a sleek white device featuring Bluetooth connectivity, smart ramp and OptiStart capabilities.                                                                                                                                                                               *Available for pick up in selected locations across Australia. Customers must bring in their old CPAP machine or prescription at time of appointment.

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DreamStation devices by Philips are a significant improvement on the older 60 series models. The sleek design incorporates a number of advanced features for your therapy. 

- Sleek design 
- Auto and Pro options available 
- OptiStart technology 
- Heated humidifier 
- Advanced features 
- Pressure relief 

Sleek design 
The compact, flat design of the DreamStation measures just 19.3cm x 15.7cm x 8.4cm. The colour display screen shows all your therapy comfort options and is easily controlled by turning and pressing the dial. A responsive light sensor on your device turns the screen light off when it is not in use so your sleep is uninterrupted. The filter system for this device includes washable and disposable components. 

Auto and Pro options available 
Philips have designed Auto and Pro versions of their devices so you only pay for what you need. The auto adjusting device delivers on demand pressure based on an in built algorithm which checks for apneas, hypopneas and other respiratory events you may have through the night. The delivery of pressure only when you need it makes it much easier to acclimate to therapy. 
The Pro option is the fixed pressure device that delivers a continuous set pressure. Talk to our consultants about which device is best for you. 

Heated Humidifier and tubing 
The included heated humidifier is now an industry standard for CPAP devices. Humidification warms and soothes your throat to keep you comfortable through the night. The humidifier in this device uses drybox technology to reduce the chance of water entering the device. 

Advanced features 
Tracking your therapy and keeping up compliance has never been easier. The Dreamstation features: 
- SmartRamp: this feature monitors the user and increases the ramp only if the the users apneas increase. Traditional ramp is also available is desired. 
- Advanced Data Displayed: The device shows users the AHI, periodic breathing, leak rate and therapy hours 
- Mask Fit Check: Provides a shorter period of airflow and allowing you to check you mask fit for leakage 
- Auto on/off: the machine detects when the user takes their mask off and stops blowing to save power 
- Bluetooth connectivity: the built in bluetooth connectivity allows user to connect to DreamMapper and track their compliance and therapy information every day 

Purchase includes 
- DreamStation Auto or Pro Device 
- Heated Tubing 
- Humidifier and Chamber 
- Power Supply Unit 
- Travel case 



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