What to expect with CPAP therapy

Knowing you have sleep apnea and need to be on CPAP therapy can be daunting. We assist you with getting used to therapy via our unique one month trial. We give you the opportunity to test and find the most suitable equipment for you. 

A CPAP setup is the first appointment you have with your therapy consultant. The aim is to choose the best combination of devices, masks and therapy accessories to suit your needs. Your consultant will fit you with a number of masks and allow you to try the devices at the clinic. 

Our fully trained CPAP therapy consultants will set you up with a customised program including 3 consultations and 2 therapy support calls detailed below. 

Connected Care Program

DAY 0 :  1st Consultation

  • Education on Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) and CPAP therapy 
  • Education on equipment 
  • Issuing of trial CPAP device, humidifier and mask 
  • Choosing of a suitable CPAP mask

DAY 1: Therapy support call 1

  • Equipment troubleshooting 
  • Coaching therapy 
  • Answer questions and queries after night 1

DAY 7: 2nd consultation

  • Clinical data download from CPAP unit 
  • Review of therapy compliance
  • Review of equipment - care and cleaning
  • Review of clinical symptoms

ANY DAY: Therapy support call 2

  • Equipment troubleshooting 
  • Answer questions and queries 
  • Review therapy compliance 
  • Therapy coaching 

DAY 30: 3rd consultation

  • Return of trial equipment 
  • Download and review of results 
  • Review therapy compliance 

Following the connected care program, our ongoing therapy management and maintenance program will help keep up your compliance through every stage of your life. 

Best of Luck!