ONIRIS Mandibular Splint



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Simple and effective in snoring and OSA treatment


The ONIRIS Orthosis is a thermoplastic adjustable MAD device.

It is a patented system that offers the same characteristics as a dental laboratory supplied MAS device. The dual material composition of the device ensures adaption of the device to the patient’s teeth and ensures maximum comfort. The patented advancement system provides complete freedom of movement of the jaw when the device is in place which enhances comfort and compliance to treatment. 

Key features of Oniris Orthosis:

- Bi-bloc shape allowing total freedom of movement

- Patented  jaw advancement connections allowing adjustment of jaw advancement from 0 to 11 mm in 1 mm increments

- Thermoforming allowing for customised dental impression

- Remoulding capacity allowing for multiple impressions to ensure maximum customized fit

- Two block sizes included to accommodate different jaw sizes 


Product Feature

Fiche technique
  • Supplier Reference - ONIPRO2 AUS
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