Dynomite Scented Disposable Nasal Hoods (24pk)


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Matrx Dynomite™ hoods are unique single-use nasal hoods scented with a range of pleasant aromas and packaged with colourful cartoon stickers.

They are designed for use with your Matrx Scavenging patient circuit. Remove the decorative cartoon sticker and position the Dynomite™ hood on the patient circuit just like a traditional reusable nasal hood.

MATRX DYNOMITE™ HOODS can also be mounted on other models of patient circuits such as multi-tube systems using a universal conversion kit.

Please contact your local Air Liquide Healthcare representative for more information.

All gas administration systems supplied by Air Liquide Healthcare have scavenging capabilities as recommended by ANZCA* in the PS21 Guidelines on Conscious Sedation for Dental Procedures

*Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists

Features & Benefits:
- Available for children and adults
- Convenient and comfortable
- Do not require an autoclave

For more information or if you would like local support for your practice, please contact us HERE


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