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A fully autoclavable patient circuit used for sedation.


Matrx Scavenger is a fully autoclavable patient circuit used for sedation. Suitable for use in dental surgeries, it provides efficient gas delivery and scavenging while being comfortable for the patient.

Scavenging waste gases during the sedation process is an important requirement listed in the “Guidelines on Conscious Sedation for Dental Procedures” (PS21) published by ANZCA*.

* Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists

Features & Benefits:
- Improved performance
- Lightweight design provides better balance on the patient’s face and a better seal around the nose for optimal gas delivery and scavenging
- Exterior scavenging cone design allows removal of peripheral waste gases
- Fully autoclavable
- Latex-free
- Simple 8-piece circuit for easy assembly
- Comfortable and lightweight, weighing 50% less than other units on the market

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