About us

Founded in 1902, the Air Liquide Group is one of the worlds largest suppliers of respiratory equipment with operations in over 80 countries.

With a long standing place in the Australian market working with multiple major manufacturers of sleep therapy equipment, our team of experienced professionals are well equipped to help patients with their sleep therapy needs.

Who we are

Air Liquide Healthcare has 20 years of experience providing excellent service to CPAP patients allowing us to build long, established relationships with leading CPAP equipment manufacturers. With clinics located nationwide, our team of consultants are here for all your therapy needs.


All of us are vulnerable at some point in our lives. When our lives are at greater risk due to age or illness, having a reliable support network of friends, family and medical professionals available makes every day a little easier. Our purpose at Air Liquide Healthcare is to protect lives through innovative healthcare products, services and ongoing support.

Air Liquide Healthcare globally

  • 1.2 million patients

  • +7,500hospitals

  • +12,000employees