Purdoux CPAP Mask & Hose Soap (250ml)



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Specialised CPAP mask and hose soaps to help you clean the delicate silicone of your cushion 


The specialised CPAP mask and hose soaps are designed to clean the delicate silicone surfaces of your mask and tubing without changing its shape. The stronger scent of the Grapefruit and Lemon/Green Tea and Mint works to mask odours leaving behind a pleasant citrus scent 

- To be used instead of detergents when maintaining silicone surfaces of your mask
- Free from alcohol, bleach, conditioners, moisturizers and latex
- Cleans silicone surfaces while preserving softness and effectiveness of the mask 
- Removes body oils from surfaces 
- Neutralises odours 
- Natural ingredients of grapefruit and lemon

If you need more information on this CPAP Accessory or another product, please get in touch with an Air Liquide staff member online or in clinic.


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