ResMed Airsense 10 / S9 Hypoallergenic Filters (2pk)




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Hypoallergenic filters compatible with ResMed S9 and Airsense 10 machines 


Filters provide a physical barrier between the machine and the debris that can be pulled through. It plays a vital role in protecting patients from inhaling dust and allergens. The ultrafine hypoallergenic filters are more comfortable for patients with a heightened sensitivity to dust.
- Compatible with ResMed S9 and Airsense 10 machines
- To be checked every month for holes and large debris
- To be replaced every 6 months at a minimum    

If you need more information on this CPAP Spare or another product, please get in touch with an Air Liquide staff member online or in clinic.


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  • Supplier Reference - 36856
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