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This ultra quiet German engineered auto PAP machine is known for its soft rise in pressure and reliable apnea detection. It has 4G connectivity and an intuitive app which make for an enjoyable user experience.


Ultra quiet, only 27.5 dBA 

German engineering 

Intuitive app for comfort control

Connected Care compatibility. 

Generates a soft rise in pressure.

Detachable humidifier

Two dynamic options for pressure adjustment in APAP mode

Deep sleep indicator for evaluation of sleep quality

Several convenience functions such as autoSTART, softSTART, pressure relief softPAP

Detection of periodic breathing, RERA, snoring, hypopnea, apnea and flow limitations

Reliable differentiation of obstructive apnea from central apnea thanks to Forced Oscillatory Technique


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Jim -- Adelaide SA
Resmed N20 mask and head gear
Great design great fit good results for me HOWEVER fabric of the head gear is RUBBISH. Streches badly after only a couple of month usage and then the Velcro tabs gradually stop holding. This happens despite only using the magnetic clips for fitting. This observation is made after using the Resmed FX Wide. On this model the quality of the head gear fabric and the way it's made is so much better. The life of this gear is 2 to 3 that of the N20 YOU CAN DO BETTER RESMED
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