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NOVA 40 regulator is relevant wherever the administration of medical oxygen is required from a pressurised gas cylinder. It is ideal for use in the delivery of oxygen in emergency situations and dental applications.

Standard configuration:

- Pin index yoke for medical oxygen cylinder connection
- Sleeve index outlet (S.I.S.)
- Color coded content gauge with a rubber guard
- Sintered bronze inlet filter
- Safety relief valve
- Each regulator is serialized

Note: S.I.S as per AS2902 Medical gas systems – Low pressure flexible hose assemblies

Features & benefits:
- Full brass construction for enhanced safety at high pressure
- A built-in safety relief valve
- 5 yearly service interval (depending on frequency of use)
- 360 rotatable body for optimum positioning
- Compliant with AS3840.1 Pressure regulators for use with medical gases
- Pressure regulators and pressure regulators with flow-metering devices

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