ResMed Airfit N20



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The AirFit N20 opens up your line of view without compromise on efficiency of therapy Image: © ResMed Limited. All rights reserved


The AirFit N20 mask is very secure providing various points of adjustement and with the inifinity seal cushion to ensure a proper fit is obtained and kept throughout therapy. The nasal mask opens up your view to provide unbstructed vision. The sturdy frame has a soft padded interior without compromise on support of therapy efficiency.
The magnetic clips allow for easy fitting and removal of the mask on a dialy basis. The modular design allows users to modify their mask to best suit them.
- InifinitySeal cushion
- Open line of sight
- Magnetic clips
- Quick release elbow
- Cushions and headgears are interchangeable
- Not recommended for patients with a pacemaker or other magnetised devices

If you need more information on this CPAP Mask or another product, please get in touch with an Air Liquide staff member online or in clinic.


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