AeroEclipse II BAN Disposable (50pk)




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The AeroEclipse Breath Actuated Nebuliser now comes in a disposable single use version. Ideal for clinical settings  it can be hygienically disposed of after use and there is no need to waste time cleaning for reuse. It provides ultimate dose assurance of inhaled aerosol that may provide a safer healthcare and patient environment.


Features & Benefits

Virtually no Aerosol is produced during expiration
Clinical dose assurance
Environmental protection for caregivers and healthcare providers
Less wasted medication


Warranty: This is a disposable device, from use it has 7 days of warranty

Dimensions: 24cm x 189cm x 8cm

Weight: 82g (each)

Delivery method: Spontaneous breathing

Nebulizing method: Breath Actuated or Continuous Mode

Actuation flow rate: 17 L/min

Operating flow rate: 7 - 8 L/min - 50 PSI

Air entrainment: Yes, through top

Visual actuation feedback indicator: Yes

Drool guard: Yes

Latex free: Yes

Operating angle: Up to 45 degrees


Product Feature

Data sheet
  • Supplier Reference - 10550191050
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